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Miga Foundation Inventory List
Updated January 2022

If you are interested in any of the equipment below, you may make a request for donation.

PLEASE NOTE: All equipment listed and available for donation is pre-owned, and will be donated in “as-is” condition on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that it is requested. Donated equipment will be available for pickup at Miga’s Plymouth, MN warehouse, and all pick-up and shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiving organization.

1Ablation SystemTrek Medical ProductsGMT-101
2Ablation SystemEthicon Endo-SurgeryThermachoice II1
3AmplifierMarquetteCLAB II Plus 641
4AutoclaveRitterM9 UltraClave1
5Biopsy PunchGynex Corporationi-Series2
6Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 2001
7Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 3001
8Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 20030
9Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 20030
10Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 20020
11Blood Pressure MonitorBpTRU Medical Devices Ltd.BPM 20010
12Blood Tube MixerStreckESR-6571
13Blood Tube MixerStreckESR-6571
14Blood Tube MixerStreckESR-6571
15Blood Tube MixerStreckESR-6571
16Bolus CordHospiraGemstar 13027-04-0310
17Camera Control UnitGyrus ACMIIDC-1500 Invisio1
19Cardiac Output MonitorEdwards LifesciencesVigilance II1
20Cardiac Output MonitorEdwards LifesciencesVigilance II1
21CD playerJVCPEM DD Converter2
22CentrifugeHamilton BellVanGuard V65001
23CentrifugeUnicoPowerSpin LX C8561
24Color Video PrinterSonyUP-202
25Color Video PrinterSonyUP-25MD1
26Compact Compressor Pulmo-AideDevilbiss3655D1
27Compressor NebulizerDevilbissPulmo-Aide 5650D1
28Computer Keyboard USBLenovoPreferred Pro II4
29Diaphragm PumpPfeiffer VacuumMVP 030-3DC1
30Digital PrinterStrykerSDP10001
31Digital Servo DriveAllen-BradleyUltra 30001
32Digital ThermometerBD (Becton Dickinson)4413704
33Digital WriterGEPRN 50-M1
34Electric Lift Massage TableEarthLinkCalistoga Lift 251
35Electrophoresis Power SupplyBio-Rad3000Xi1
36Endoscopic Cryotherapy SystemGI SupplyPolar Wand1
37Foot SwitchNova Microsonics4400-72008-41
38Foot SwitchXomedEndo-Scrub 18-52001
39Foot SwitchFonixSingle Pole1
40Foot SwitchEthiconFSWo1 Aquiline 971-SWNOM2
41Foot SwitchLinemaster DEUXE II1
42Foot SwitchSchmeasalKF 21PW/1PW1
43Foot SwitchLinemaster Executive 741
44Foot SwitchALMCF97491
45Foot SwitchATLIPX1 HY-1021
46Foot SwitchOsada806111
47Foot SwitchLinemaster Treadlite T-51-S1
48Foot SwitchLinemaster Clipper Twin 632-S1
49Foot SwitchLinemaster Dolphin D41-SNO281
50Foot SwitchOlympusMB-4661
51Foot SwitchLinemaster Treadlite II T-91-S1
52Foot SwitchLinemaster Executive 721
53Foot SwitchAcuson08266797 Aquiline 971-SWM1
54Homecare Suction UnitDevilbissDVB-7305D-D1
55Hydraulic Hand DynamometerBaselinenone1
56Hysteroscopic Fluid Management SystemRichard Wolf2222.2231
57Image Management SystemStorz20204520 AIDA DVD-M1
58Impedance MeterTOAZM-1041
59IncubatorThermo ScientificHeratherm IMC 181
60Irrigation PumpBiosense WebsterCoolFlow Pump1
61Isolation TransformerBio-Logic Systems Corp580-xfs7511
62KVM SwitchATEN TechnologyMasterView Plus CS91381
63Laboratory CounterFischer ScientificN/A1
64LCD Computer MonitorAOCM2470SW3
65Light SourceCircon ACMIALU-2B1
66Light SourceLuxtec13001
67LithotripterACMI AEH-41
68Magnetic StirrerHanna InstrumentsHI 190M1
69ModuleGETRAM 451N54
70ModuleHewlett PackardM1001A ECG6
71ModuleHewlett PackardM1006A PRESS2
72ModulePhilipsM1002B ECG/RESP4
73ModulePhilipsM1006B PRESS2
74ModuleHewlett PackardM1016A CO24
75ModulePhilipsM1020A SpO2/PLETH4
76ModulePhilipsM1032A VueLink1
77ModulePhilipsM1116B Strip Recorder3
78Mono Laser PrinterBrotherHL 2070N1
79Monochrome Laser PrinterLexmark MS312dn1
80Patient GownStandard TextileSize L17
81Pediatric ScaleHealth O Meter553KL1
82Pediatric ScaleOlympic MedicalModel 20 (56320)1
83PlethysmographMedgraphicsElite DX1
84Positive Pressure ProcessorSpewareCerex System 481
85Procedure ChairMediLuxeAlpha One1
86Prograsp ForcepsIntuitive420093-T1
87Remote Device CablePhilipsM8086-6100411
88Reverse Osmosis SystemsMed Water SystemsMW 30 Series1
89Rotablator ConsoleHeart TechnologyRC 50001
90Seating SystemLeckeyMygo1
91Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
92Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
93Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
94Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
95Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
96Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
97Sedimentation Rate AnalyzerStreckESR-Auto Plus1
98SphygmomanometerWelch AllynTycos30
99SphygmomanometerAmerican Diagnostic CorporationDiagnostix 750W1
100SphygmomanometerWelch AllynVarious2
101Temperature Chart RecorderDickson Data SolutionsSC4-350C-B-71
102Temperature Chart RecorderDickson Data SolutionsVFC701
103Urine AnalyzerBayerClinitek Status1